About Us

Taste Our Travels

Bodega is driven by a passionate love of olives, antipasti and the rich flavours of the Mediterranean. We have journeyed extensively to bring you authentic taste straight from the olive groves of Italy, Spain and Greece and we invite you to join us in tasting our travels. Whether you are already a connoisseur, or want to start exploring the world of olives, Bodega will guide you to the flavours that will fire your imagination and capture your senses.

An Olive For Everyone

We believe that there is an olive for everyone. Far from being an ‘acquired taste’, olives and antipasti offer something special for every palate - you just have to find what’s right for you. That’s where Bodega comes in. When we talk about varieties of olives we get straight to the heart of what makes them unique, what makes them so flavoursome. From the punchy Greek spice of our Halkidiki olives, double stuffed with Jalapeno and Pimento to the lemon infused, mild delights of the Sicilian Nocellara, we will help you discover the flavours that matter to you.