Simple food vs Ho-hum Cheffery Part 2 - Gaya Rive Gauche, Paris

A couple of days after Pie Pint York Tap kicks the backside of Star in the City Nonsense and I’m in Paris for a trade fair being presented all sorts of weird and wonderful [con]fusion foods…

Gnudi Pics

For some reason I’ve always been a bit wary of ricotta and mascarpone possibly not understanding for a long time what they are meant for, sweet or savoury or both ? I now stay away from Mascarpone as its 80% fat and impossible to stop eating. Ricotta is only 13% fat and weirdly moreish; the sour tang, the grainy texture, the neutral flavour segueing to a lactic finish.

Lardo - the White King cometh (and he bringeth indigestion)

Ice Cream Cakes…

…is the opening track on the excellent Jeff Beck album which also features the superlative Going Down, the theme music to the morally questionable Eastbound & Down…but I digress. To digress further the GROM Ice-cream shown above is the best ive eaten in years.

Over-eating in Cremona and Verona, Yakkity Yak and too many bis

Proper Meat - are French cows made differently or just French society ?

Cotechino "Bel e Cot" (Good and Cooked) and other traditional glories

Stop W(h)ining - my desert island delights

listen to the Lyon - SIRHA, the Bocuse D’Or and Les Halles



Following my insane Rioja splurge last week I'm now on the 'sausageline' for a couple of months.


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