Wild Garlic (Gypsy’s Onions [Ireland]) and many other names

La Mucca della Nonna - an Italian restaurant love story

Post-Cooking in a Post-Truth World

We have entered an Orwellian post truth era where facts and figures are irrelevant and this zeitgeist has taken over my cooking and lifestyle.

Enoteca Pippo - Phil’s Butty Shop

With Brexit dominating the national discussion I suppose we are all wondering a bit about our national and regional differences.

Octopus, how do I love thee ?.....

....let me count the ways (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning), in ascending order like Top of The Po(l)ps;

The end of Sp-Agretti?

Whilst mooching around on Saturday morning I was alerted that Saturday Kitchen had, with an octopus recipe, probably struck the death knell of my latest favourite ingredient.

Camarao na Moranga (how to cobble together lunch when it’s snowing)

Little apple of my eye – the Manzanilla olive (or there's something about Mary)

Experiment in Italian Americana [can you beat a Gaeta]

“I wish they had never invented fried cheese!” exclaimed Marge Simpson…

I don't give a fig (except to family and maybe close friends)

The fig season is in full swing, not the weird tasteless mainstream Turkish pebbles that turn up and intermittently punish us, but the tremendously exciting often extravagantly priced sensation overwhelming sensory explosions which joyously punctuate my current grocery shopping trips.


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