Post-Cooking in a Post-Truth World

We have entered an Orwellian post truth era where facts and figures are irrelevant and this zeitgeist has taken over my cooking and lifestyle.

Enoteca Pippo - Phil’s Butty Shop

With Brexit dominating the national discussion I suppose we are all wondering a bit about our national and regional differences.

Octopus, how do I love thee ?.....

....let me count the ways (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning), in ascending order like Top of The Po(l)ps;

The end of Sp-Agretti?

Whilst mooching around on Saturday morning I was alerted that Saturday Kitchen had, with an octopus recipe, probably struck the death knell of my latest favourite ingredient.

Little apple of my eye – the Manzanilla olive (or there's something about Mary)

Finding “Muriel"; the glory of black mulberry "foraging"

Sunshine, wine, feeling fine. Lounging in Languedoc. again. and again.

Are you Puglia(ing) my leg ? Italy's best food region ?

We meat again (or great steaks I have known and loved) - ‘onglet pour les Anglais’

Another year
, another 10 days of pleasant brain pickling in Southern France. Almost Groundhog day for alcofrolics I land and immediately fall into the rhythm;  bread wine cheese wine olives wine meat wine.  Rinse (brain) repeat.

Lardo - the White King cometh (and he bringeth indigestion)


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