Stop W(h)ining - my desert island delights

An evening in La Rioja - If I ruled the world....

listen to the Lyon - SIRHA, the Bocuse D’Or and Les Halles

Bean Counter

It's getting rather chilli

Flat Out - quick, lazy, and children friendly flatbread "pizzas"

Flat Out

Real Fast Food

Not the splendid Nigel Slater book which every student should own but Olives, the noblest fruit, both quick and now also sustaining me during days of 5/2 Intermittent Fasting (I.F.).

Whats the big secret ? calyxes, capers and other cra....stuff

There are certain ingredients which are able to lift food further or evoke a cuisine far more than they have any reasonable right to. Fresh (and then I freeze them) lime leaves transport me to Thailand, fennel seed added to fried sausage meat flies me to the Far East and Sumac shuffles and levers me towards the Levant.

Barcelona Part 3 - the dramatic conclusion

For the final evening in Barcelona we met a friend who was psychotically adamant we should go to to Quimet & Quimet.


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