Barcelona Part 2 - the stodgy middle bit

Barcelona Part 1 - early doors

I've recently returned from Barcelona and it was certainly one of the most eventful trips for some years and most relaxing as the kids were at home.

Mapo Doufu - why dont the Chinese cultivate Olives ?

Nor custom stale her infinite variety

During a longer than usual complaint about the collapse in quality of one my previously favoured restaurants my colleague stated that if you find a good eatery the best thing to do is dine 3 or 4 times and then never return so you cannot be disappointed. And I thought about this long and hard and decided it was a sound piece of reasoning.

Melanzane Veronese (Verona-style Aubergines)

Jamie's 30 minute madness

Watching Jamie repeats and not for the first time making up a new title; Jamies 30 Minute Meals….and 30 minutes washing up ? ….and 30 megawatts of electricity ? …and 30 assistants to deep clean the kitchen ?

My (not so) little (not so) Paris Kitchen

The other night I was pleasantly marvelling over Rachel Khoo's ability to extract utility from every square centimetre of her genuinely small culinary space (you can’t spin a salad in there) when lovely wife piped up, suggesting that perhaps it had been selected using the magic of television in the same way as Jamies 30 Minute Meals and lets not even consider the cooking arena in Olivers Twist which only aired years after it was made and seemed like a bizarre Star Wars style prequel with Jamie as a young man living under a fluorescent arch

In praise of Tapenade

Whilst surfing Masterchef the other night I finally reached breaking point. It had started to fade away when [my kids were born and time became the most precious commodity?] they introduced the X-factor-style, drag the families in to cheer-or-blub round, when they go through or not.

Looking back the first hints of fatigue were evident during the now defunct passion test “I want this more than life, take my family and soul and do with them what you will, that’s how much I want this”.


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