Sicily - the nicest place I’ve never been to

I’m going to have to visit soon, the reasons are piling up like a plate of freshly sliced prosciutto which my dad has prepared on a Sunday with the old bacon slicer we keep in his garage.

I’m making a list of reasons to visit Sicily and the tipping point will be when I believe the children are old enough to sleep well in a warm climate. My Sicilian fantasy started with an Italian colleague of mine whose opinion I value [he’s from Modena] insisting over and over again that Sicily has the best food in Italy.

In praise of Tapenade

Whilst surfing Masterchef the other night I finally reached breaking point. It had started to fade away when [my kids were born and time became the most precious commodity?] they introduced the X-factor-style, drag the families in to cheer-or-blub round, when they go through or not.

Looking back the first hints of fatigue were evident during the now defunct passion test “I want this more than life, take my family and soul and do with them what you will, that’s how much I want this”.


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