Dogs Dinner - my rubbish food photos

I have been wondering why my food photos look rubbish and I’ve identified 2 main reasons;

Dogs Dinner

I have been wondering why my food photos look rubbish and I’ve identified 2 main reasons;

  1. I want my meal on the plate and in my mouth ASAP in the best condition to pay correct deference to the food and consume it as close to an ideal state as possible.
  2. By the time I decide to send someone a photo because my meal is tasting delicious I’ve eaten quite a lot, and sometimes, all of it.


Caponata - a week of recipes to use a monster batch; pasta, lamb, on toast, potatoes, pizza.
And even how to turn it into Brinjaal Masala.
Caponata. It’s an easy sweet & sour Sicilian Aubergine stew - start by finding a SIMPLE recipe that suits and getting hold of the ingredients.

Three-Day Roast Chicken

I don’t mean Chicken that takes 3 days to cook, Heston style, with brining and skimmed milk powder and such’n’such. Roast chicken is my absolute favourite example of kitchen thrift and also a great Friday night dinner that keeps on giving all through the weekend. I feel quite ‘Mad Men’ calling “Honey I’m home” as I roll in on a Friday evening with the comforting aroma tendrils of Roast Chicken permeating my nostrils, Bisto style.


I’m not sure why I’ve come so late to porridge, I may well have been put off it by a crazy friend who went to live in Scotland and was unkindly called ‘the porridge gobbler’ on his return because of the quantities he consumed every morning.

Now a Scottish icon, Porridge may ultimately derive from Porrum, the latin word for leek and could originally have been a vegetable preparation thickened with meal or grains.

Sicily - the nicest place I’ve never been to

I’m going to have to visit soon, the reasons are piling up like a plate of freshly sliced prosciutto which my dad has prepared on a Sunday with the old bacon slicer we keep in his garage.

I’m making a list of reasons to visit Sicily and the tipping point will be when I believe the children are old enough to sleep well in a warm climate. My Sicilian fantasy started with an Italian colleague of mine whose opinion I value [he’s from Modena] insisting over and over again that Sicily has the best food in Italy.


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