Little apple of my eye – the Manzanilla olive (or there's something about Mary)

Experiment in Italian Americana [can you beat a Gaeta]

“I wish they had never invented fried cheese!” exclaimed Marge Simpson…

Feeling Sheepish - eating half a hogget

Sunshine, wine, feeling fine. Lounging in Languedoc. again. and again.

Is Spain the new France ?

Obviously no, Spain is Spain and France is France. However in culinary terms Spain seems to be occupying the position [in my head anyway] that France monopolised for many years; the food can be fancy without the bill inducing a cardiac arrest,

We meat again (or great steaks I have known and loved) - ‘onglet pour les Anglais’

Another year
, another 10 days of pleasant brain pickling in Southern France. Almost Groundhog day for alcofrolics I land and immediately fall into the rhythm;  bread wine cheese wine olives wine meat wine.  Rinse (brain) repeat.

Lardo - the White King cometh (and he bringeth indigestion)

Cotechino "Bel e Cot" (Good and Cooked) and other traditional glories

Stop W(h)ining - my desert island delights

An evening in La Rioja - If I ruled the world....


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