Even Chilli-er


The parfait jars and pressure cooker chilli experiments never happened. Instead I found some minced beef in the freezer, combined it with cooked cannellini beans festering in the fridge and made an awesome chilli; a threesome of Jamie (thanks for the sun dried toms & cinnamon), LEON (just the lime and yoghurt) and I (allspice, chocolate, 4 different chillies) conspired to put together a spicy and deeply flavoursome old fashioned down-home family-style rip-snorting pot of stuff which kept the family fed all week.

Once the meat (800g) was really, really browned (keep it in big chunks and don’t push it around until its virtually on fire) in hot oil and the 2 sliced onions mightily caramelised (do them first) I flavoured the base with 2 sticks cinnamon, 8 crushed allspice, 2 mega-pinches of oregano and split the mix 75:25 adults:children. Into the adult pan I added 4 types of chilli; 2 chipotle, 1 ancho, 1 each fresh yellow & red, a mega-pinch of flakes (not really a type) then 2 tablespoons of minced sun-dried tomatoes  and finally 2 tins of tomatoes (and I may have added a splash of Olorosso sherry). The children pot got a quarter of a tin of baked beans I found in the fridge and the dregs of the tomatoes. Bubble, bubble, bubble. Half an hour later tip in the beans for the adults, stir, give it half an hour having turned off the kids pot. Finally 3 squares of chocolate for us, 1 square for the kids, finish both with lots of coriander and if possible leave it until tomorrow. Then dish up with lime quarters and yoghurt on the side but with lots of chopped garlic for some reason (perhaps a hint of Ottolenghi ? from his splendid Mediterranean Feast, he’s the only chef I don’t shout at TV whilst watching and his recipes feel traditional, authentic AND  genuinely new and innovative). Doofus was not impressed by the garlic heat and she immediately got a nice plain dollop. And then everyone was happy, particularly me as the bed was Quinoa and they ate it.
Next day everyone was happy again when I took the cold mixes and spread them over oven dishes, [badly] filled some tortillas with a really fried a combo of mushrooms and fennel, covered them with more chilli, grated scamorza and cheddar and baked in the oven. Enchilladas. Day 3 I fried some eggs to top the chilli; so lazy and easy but you can call it Shakshuka and you are a global cuisinier and finally Day 4 I mixed with couscous and filled and baked some red peppers. Day 5 I scraped the pans into a Tupperware, drowned the mulch in Franks Chilli sauce and topped with more coriander and Dr Evil’s Chilli Oil. A perfect teary snotty packed lunch.

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