Ice Cream Cakes…

…is the opening track on the excellent Jeff Beck album which also features the superlative Going Down, the theme music to the morally questionable Eastbound & Down…but I digress. To digress further the GROM Ice-cream shown above is the best ive eaten in years.

Back to Ice-Cream Cake, my latest survival strategy to avoid strangling ‘the boy’ (age 5) at 6 a.m.. I’ve just been dragged out of sleep, as if the Grim Reaper has squeezed my heart, by the bloodcurdling screams of the girl (age 2). Last Saturdays “reason” ; she needed her toes covering as the duvet had slipped.

So I’m dragging my cadaver around the cold kitchen trying to force industrial strength and volume of coffee into my system to kick start my carcass or at least force open my glued eyes. The boy wants to make a smoothie which involves using the old liquidiser noisier than the wet/dry grinder Rick Stein had in India but he can be deflected with the promise of defrosting Ice-Cream in the microwave. For some reason the boy likes to drink Ice-Cream.

And this week I have an ace up my sleeve; we will defrost the Ice-Cream and then make a Cake (I’ve just realised it’s called Ice-Cream BREAD and not Ice-cream CAKE, it was 6 a.m. and I kept calling it cake) which he thinks is magic. Not Tommy Cooper sleight of hand magic but David Copperfield Statue of Liberty disappearing magic.

Ice-Cream Cake Bread) is a food fad, like Cro-nut and Bag-izza, though it doesn’t take 2 words and push them together as that would make Ice-Creamead which just sounds silly. You take 2 parts good dairy Ice-cream, add 1 part self-raising flour, sugar to taste and chuck in a bit of fruit if you wish (I used blueberries as they are bang in season). Bake at 180 until a toothpick comes out clean, then cool on a rack. Slice and eat the BREAD (not CAKE) with your 3rd 6 cup cafetiere of coffee. There are no pictures because it was 6 a.m.. Let us never speak of this again. 


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