Octopus, how do I love thee ?.....

....let me count the ways (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning), in ascending order like Top of The Po(l)ps;

5.  Polpo tempura en un palo – a little leftfield for me; tempura battered on a stick with pointless sweet chilli sauce which would have been much much better with soy/black rice  (just use cheap balsamic) vinegar dip.

4. Polpo ai ferri, patate e prezzemolo - the lone Roman Etruscan entry in the Iberian countdown. Quintessentially Italian; elegant in its simplicity with 3 complementary ingredients and seasoning.

3. Polpo alla Catalunya Gallega - potato and paprika classic with a trendy twist still; a sizzling iron bowl billowing smoke, needs constant basting in oil to avoid drying out. also mouth burningly hot.

2. Pulpo alla Gallega - a close second, an absolute classic with potatoes and paprika done as it should be done. served as a whole leg (or arm)maybe it was an arm instead of a leg or more likely a leg instead of an arm as they have 6 of the former and 2 of the latter. 

1. Polbo ai feira - here it is again; with Olive Oil ice-cream and Pedro Ximenez reduction. With the kids on holiday so bound to taste best, . loads of sucker fun (removing the suckers and pretending to have a weird spots on arm then face and finally nose).

0. NUL POINTS! Polpo alla Catalunya alta gastronomia - with pigs cheek and potato foam. Why ? WHY! no photo of this monstrosity just imagine a bowl of cuckoo spit with pink bits of old bacon poking out, instead. some nice tuna to drool over.