Following my insane Rioja splurge last week I'm now on the 'sausageline' for a couple of months.

On finding myself walking towards the Sainsbury's sausage fixture on Saturday I passed it by. There are many economical and healthy sausage recipes e.g. the sausage & broccoli recipe from Leon 2 is a MONSTER, so much more than the sum of its parts; squeeze out of skins and brown sausage meat in a good amount of hot olive oil, flip and brown again breaking up the meat. Add sliced garlic and fennel seeds to taste and colour them up (and chilli if its adults only). Toss in chopped (walnut sized) broccoli and allow to caramelise and soak some fat, splash of water, cover cook until broccoli is tender. squeeze over some lemon and season to taste. sprinkle on some chilli for the adults. Variations; the fennel seeds make it taste a bit asian so sprinkle a few sesame seeds in if you like and chopped coriander. add extra protein by topping with a fried egg. maybe next month.
Determined to save my pennies I went home, and vowed to empty my fridge and use up the contents before any more protein was purchased.
Thankfully I had a big block (900g) of Feta (it's the only cheese my son doesn't like and lovely wife only likes it warm) and a 1kg tub of Olives. Iron Chef (NOT Iron Chef America) moment followed and 3/4 recipes were thrown together;

starter; Feta creamed with sun dried-tomato (SDT) on oat cakes; rehydrated SDT's blended with feta, olive oil, squeeze of lemon until smooth. not a recipe, more a canape. starter
main; Roast squash "panzanella" (anything with crispy bread cubes can be called panzanella); rosemary & bay roasted butternut squash with croutons, walnuts and leftover broccoli with dressing made from feta creamed with sundried tomato [top left], roasted garlic, parsley and squeeze of lemon. main
'dessert' (its got raisins in !) Harissa carrot salad; grated carrots (i had some purple ones) mixed with olives and raisins, topped with lots of crumbled feta. a warm dressing of olive oil, harissa, paprika, sumac, lemon zest, maple syrup, caraway & cumin seeds. liberal handfuls of chopped mint and parsley.
In the evening that same carrot salad was mixed with porridge oats and egg and fried in fritters. For all recipes beetroot can easily be substituted for carrot/squash.
So its all olives & feta; tonight flatbreads topped with creamed SDT feta, coriander, some harissa, oilves, caramelised onions. tomorrow roasted beetroot with feta & olives. the day after tomorrow baked feta with some olives in. Until the feta runs out when some other ingredient takes centre stage, probably eggs as the cheapest easiest multifunction protein around.

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