Simple food vs Ho-hum Cheffery Part 2 - Gaya Rive Gauche, Paris

A couple of days after Pie Pint York Tap kicks the backside of Star in the City Nonsense and I’m in Paris for a trade fair being presented all sorts of weird and wonderful [con]fusion foods…

…and also privileged enough to be invited for dinner at Gaya Rive Gauche, the [apparently] affordable piscine orientated outpost of the “superchef” Pierre Gagnaire. As with all these chefs the website makes no sense [to me].

Something of a delay as our host is stuck in traffic so we tuck into the fizz and are supposed to be surprised by the 'whimsy' of a curried paste with ginger which we fork onto crispy biscuits; its curried hummus with ryvita. The service is all about the waiter, the sommelier is a definition of sniffy and as the menu is in French and also makes no sense we leave the decisions to lady luck. Unfortunately she’s otherwise engaged as we eat a procession of ‘meh’ starters hilariously described in 1000 words in French (lots of pampelmousse and gelee).  When we ask for the English translation we get a couple of words per dish max, “sea bass, gnocchi, avocado, sniff”.

It’s all good enough and nice to eat of you’ve already had dinner, though nouvelle cuisine fusion seems a bit 90’s to me and I’m not amazed at the sight of parsnips or salsify which seem to boggle to minds of the French. Lovely wine but I can’t help thinking I’d rather have a massive bowl of purplish cauliflower sick. Most of the tables around us seem to be eating a steak which seems to be 50% meat and 50% dark yellow fat covered in crushed crisps. For dessert chocolate and yet more pampelmousse for me, we try not to titter. One of my companions gets a desolate plate of artic roll, semifreddo sick and a jelly prism held together by a driblle of goo.

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