Wild Garlic (Gypsy’s Onions [Ireland]) and many other names

A sunny bank holiday in Manchester, the new Barcelona, with the best weather in Europe. The warm corridor between 20 and 25 where everything is just fine; cool enough to operate, warm enough to do nothing and feel righteous.
Inspired by the creativity of my son’s Popcorn Soup (mini-Heston) I sauntered into the kitchen with a large bag of garlic leaves (Allium Ursinium apparently and NOT Allium Tricoccum). Guardian Cook fell open at wild garlic pesto. No need for scales when the sun is shining so no recipe as follows;

1. Bear’s Garlic [northern england] (meticulously washed as dogs “walk” along the river),
2. roasted cashews (the only nuts in the house),
3. grated Grana Padano (tastier as an ingredient as 18% rind),
4. EV olive oil & seasoning,
all piled into the ‘gira gira’ (literally the ‘round and round’ which is the kids name for the magimix). Process with fingers in ears (children are so noisy and so sensitive to noise), taste. My son is pointing at his tongue to indicate it’s too spicy, I add some lemon juice, still too spicy, add a few sundried tomatoes, blend it up and slosh all over the Sunday night quinoa (cooked in stock, and then scraped around the roasting pan) which is our healthy way to use up ‘les restes du poulet’ (leftover roast chicken). Top with few finely speed peeled courgettes as its summer, break out the Gavi which is on deal 2 for £12 in JS, sunshine on a plate and in the sky.

Now I have a huge pot of vibrant hramsa [old English] pesto to use quickly lest it become a fridge-skulker like the SDT (sundried tomato) pesto which I made when that was trendy (sometime in the early noughties) and has followed me from house to house ever since. As the famous 80’s Birds eye man van sang “What will it be for tea tonight ?”; grilled cheese ramsoms sandwiches ? ramsoms pasta ? ramsoms pesto crusted salmon ? ramsoms soup ? Saved from the song as arriving at work I am gifted some very fresh free-range eggs. Alea iacta est (the die is cast);
DAY 1 mushroom (haven’t got any) courgette buckrams omelette and a glass of wine (and a salad) doesn’t happen as the wine comes first after which only grilled cheese will satisfy.
DAY 2 I’m fasting so courgette pesto frittata.

DAY 3 fast over I indulge in an industrial bowl of Penne all’aglio orsino [Italy] and I still have half a tub left.
DAY 4 another fast day so smear the pesto over the salmon for a little extra flavour and a dab on the steamed broccoli. Green around the gills and time for a day off the ‘bear leek’ and then I may try DAY 5 stinking jenny [west country] risotto.

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